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Course pricing

Semester course pricing

The pricing of the courses depends on its focus (children, teenagers, adults), length of the lessons (60 or 90 minutes) and the level of difficulty, or more precisely the number of teachers per lesson (1 or 2).

The prices range from CZK 4,600 to CZK 5,200 (valid for the September 2023 - January 2024 season).

The prices for each course decrease during the semester after each month has passed.

You can find the current pricing of your chosen course by looking in the real-time interactive schedule on the website of our studio. To do so, follow this procedure:

Go to www.danceperfect.cz and choose "Timetable" and "Current timetable" in the upper menu tie.

  • Proceed with choosing you desired course (place the cursor over it).
  • The course details will appear automatically without clicking on it.
  • Click on the "Book in / Pricing" row.
  • A register form will appear including all of the up to date pricing details.

Prices per entrance for all Open Class lessons (fitness and dance)

Type of pre-paid cardBody & Mind CardDance Card */
60-minute lessons90-minute lessons
Single entryCZK 300CZK 350
Pre-paid card for 5 lessons, valid for two monthsCZK 1,400CZK 1,600
Pre-paid card for 10 lessons, valid for three monthsCZK 2,600CZK 2,900
Pre-paid card for 20 lessons, valid for five monthsCZK 4,800CZK 5,200

Pre-paid cards and their use

You can check your current pass status on our web, all you have to do is create a client's profile on our website. You can easily check about the number of entrances left on your pass and you will be informed when you need to buy another pre-paid card.

To download our instructions, list for setting up the client's profile, please visit our Client's section where you will find all the necessary information.

Important notice

Buying a prepaid card is always a better bargain than a single lesson fee. Consider, however, whether a prepaid card is really as good as it seems at first glance. Before purchasing bear in mind other facts like your workload (business trips, overtime, irregular working hours, etc.), your other leisure activities (besides visits to our studio), or other factors (such as your health condition) that may have a significant effect on how much you will be able to use our time-limited prepaid card.

Please, keep in mind, therefore, that if you fail to complete all of the lessons that the prepaid card allows, the studio does not provide any compensation for these missed lessons, nor does it extend the validity of these prepaid cards!

That is why our prepaid card might not always be the best choice for everybody.

Other possibilities for participation in the studio courses

- Access to courses and Open class lessons for adults (up to 5x per week) for 5 months.

- Unlimited membership. The access to all courses and Open Class lessons for 5 months.

Next steps

On more information about how to register for the courses and how to make the payments, please visit the following websites:

Here you will find all the necessary information.