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Executive Class - Premiere Membership

Dance Perfect's Premiere Membership allows the holder to devote her/himself to dance fully and intensively, with no restrictions. The member can visit any class at any time, and enjoy special benefits based on Premiere Membership.

Advantages of Executive Class Premiere Membership:
- free entry to all studio lessons, courses or Open Class lessons with no restrictions;
- free towel rental at each studio visit;
- discount on purchase of a bottle of water at each visit.

Further Advantages of Executive Class Premiere Membership:
- priority or bigger discounts at the studio's business partners;
- priority information about special studio events;
- option for priority reservation for events where participation is limited;
- priority reservation for studio promo lessons;
- advantageous prices or free entry for special studio events and other benefits or advantages about which we inform our clients on our website or by email.

Membership Length:
- Executive Class Premiere Membership can be purchased for 5 months;
- The membership is not valid during the summer holiday timetable (July, August)
(this means that a membership purchased for example at the beginning of March is valid until the end of September [excl. Summer months], a membership purchased in April is valid until the end of October [excl. Summer months], etc.).

Membership Price:
- the regular Executive Class Premiere Membership price is CZK 14,500.

- Executive Class Premiere Membership cannot be used for courses organised outside the studio unless stated otherwise.