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The Dance Perfect Gold Chip is designed for those who are interested in dance and want to attend several studio courses under advantageous conditions.
People who are willing to try new dance styles and techniques or meet new teachers, or who want to choose courses based on their time availability will benefit most from the chip, as it offers flexibility and a wide range of options.
The Gold Chip is designed to enable intensive dance progress and will meet all the holder's dance training needs.

Advantages of the Gold Chip:
- a free pass to all semester dance courses during the week and weekend;
- a free pass to all Open Class dance lessons during the week and weekend.
The holder can attend 5 lessons a week in total regardless of their length (60/90 minutes).

Gold Chip Validity:
- The Gold Chip is valid for 5 months starting on the day of its issue regardless of the semester;
- The chip is not valid during the summer holiday timetable (July, August)
(This means that a chip purchased for example at the beginning of March is valid until the end of September [excl. Summer months], a chip purchased in April is valid until the end of October [excl. Summer months], etc.);

Gold Chip Price:
- the price for five months is CZK 12,000.

Further advantages of the Gold Chip:
- discounts on lessons during the summer holiday timetable (July, August);
- discounts on all special events, such as workshops, seminars taught by visiting teachers, etc.;
- priority information about special studio events;
- priority reservation for events where participation is limited;
- priority reservation for promo lessons at the studio;
- discounts at the studio's business partners.
There are further benefits and advantages which all Gold Chip holders are informed about on our website or by email.

- The number of free entries is limited to 5 lessons a week regardless the length of the lessons (60/90 minutes);
- The Gold Chip cannot be used for fitness activities organised outside the studio.