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How to pay

Cash or debit card

Payment at the reception desk at the studio (Národní 25, Praha 1). We accept the following cards: Diners Club, JSC, EuroCard/Master Card, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, VISA, and VISA Electron.

Bank transfer

When you confirm your reservation online, an email will be sent to you with the necessary details (bank account number and variable symbol) for payment by bank transfer. Alternatively, this information can be printed out for you at the reception desk when you register in person.
As part of payment details for bank transfer is the actual QR code as well - for the comfortable and easy payment by your mobile banking app.
After the course fee is credited to our bank account, a receipt for the payment will be sent to you, or we will print it for you when you attend the first lesson.

Using employee benefits

Please note:
Payment by employee benefits is accepted only for course fee payment (whole course for 5 months). Not for Open Class lessons.

We accept points, passes, tickets, and cards from the following programmes:

Benefit Plus - to pay with Benefit Plus points, you must make an order and use the ordered service.

Card products:

FlexiPass Card
The FlexiPass Card can be used only to purchase semi-annual study courses (for children and adults).

Sodexo Cafeteria - electronic benefit ordering service:

  • in the Sodexo Cafeteria, you must order the amount of points needed for a Dance Perfect studio course.
  • Sodexo Cafeteria will send your order by email to our studio (usually within one working day).
  • Dance Perfect will confirm receipt of the order by e-mail.

This concludes registering into a chosen course through Sodexo Cafeteria.

Edenred Benefits Cards

Cafeteria E-ticket - electronical benefit ordering service:

  • first - check in the Dance Perfect studio that the chosen course is still available
  • second - order an E-ticket voucher at Edenred, for the necessary amount
  • third - come to the studio with your printed E-ticket voucher and we will validate it for you
    to validate the voucher, call the studio at 221 085 260.

Benefits/Benefity - to pay with points from the Benefits programme:

  • you must first call our studio 221 085 260 and have your Benefits card ready
  • only after the card is checked by the Dance Perfect studio will the payment be made
  • it is then possible to attend your first class!

MultiSport - silver card; to use the MultiSport silver card, it is sufficient to show the card at the studio reception.

Please Note - use of this card is limited to 60-minute Open Classes:

  • Pilates, Total Barre, Zumba and 80s Style on working days only

In the timetable on the website, lessons accessible with a MultiSport card are marked in blue, in the printed timetable (PDF) with a blue "M" in a circle.

General rules for payments by employee benefits, passes, programs, etc.

All passes, tickets and points must be used up in full amount. It is not possible to give back any remaining money. However it is possible to pay a partial payment with them too and pay the rest of the amount in cash.

Attention - when paying by any employee benefits, passes, programs etc. we do not offer any discounts for course fees.

Your employer's invoice

To pay by invoice, your employer must send us a written order. Please contact our office for more information.

Individual approach for companies

It is possible to attend our classes without using employee benefits based on prior agreement - for example, an account can be opened for your employees. Depending on the amount, we can offer attractive discounts.

Gift voucher - a great idea

Remember there is also the option to give your friends and relatives a gift voucher. The voucher can be prepared for a certain course, Open Class pass, or for a specific amount of money. For more information, please contact our office or reception at the studio.