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Ballet for advanced & profs

Ballet for advanced & profs

These ballet lessons are designed especially for professional dancers, dance instructors, as well as for advanced enthusiasts who are already well versed in classical ballet technique. Lessons help dancers maintain their technical level and improve and reinforce it.

Lessons are not focused on teaching ballet elements. Knowledge of these elements is already assumed for participants in the lessons. The lessons focus mainly on working to improve the ballet technique – both on the bar and in free space. By consistently training elements of varying difficulty under the highly qualified guidance of instructors, the participants get a higher degree of confidence in performing these elements and gradually acquire elements of higher difficulty.

The lesson has a standard routine. It starts with the technique on the bar and follows in free space. The lesson is rounded off in step- and jump variations.

Typical participants in these lessons include ballet dancers and dancers of other styles, i.e. Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance etc., teachers leading ballet and other dance classes in dance studios and performing art schools for children, ballet dancers who are no longer active, but care to keep up their ballet technique. The participants are recruited from the ranks of local people as well as from the expats and foreign visitors of Prague.