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This course combines the names of two distinct styles. They have in common that they are very energetic, lively and sensual styles. During the course we will alternate African styles with Reggae and Dancehall, showing their differences and similarities and enjoying the energy of African and Jamaican rhythms.

Reggae is a style of music that originated in Jamaica during the 1960s. Its predecessors are ska and rocksteady, styles associated with American R´n´B, jazz and soul. Later, in the early 1970s, Rastafarian themes, descriptions of the social situation or riots in Jamaica began to appear more in the lyrics. Harder beats, faster rhythms and electronic sounds were added until Dancehall was born. This is closer in expression to Afro music. Already here we can see the first connection.

Afro or African dances are very energetic. They were originally designed for specific rituals and seasons and gradually became popular.

The name Afro encompasses many different dance styles originating in Africa, such as Afrohouse (Angola) or Afrobeats (Nigeria, Ghana), among others. They should be seen in close connection with the traditional rhythms and musical traditions of the regions.

Afrohouse is a music and dance genre originating in Angola, where it was created in the 90s. Afrohouse music was brought from South Africa to Angola, where traditional rhythms and other sounds were added. The dance steps originally originated as a modification of Kuduro steps, which are very fast, energetic to aggressive and involve mainly footwork and pelvic movements. Gradually, original Afrohouse movements were created that are still in existence today. Compared to the Kuduro style, Afrohouse is slower and "calmer".

Afrobeats dance is a diverse style originating mainly from Ghana and Nigeria. It is an evolution of traditional African dances after the emergence of the musical style of the same name, Afrobeats. Thus, this dance was created in response to the incredibly energetic and positive rhythm of this genre.

Recommended equipment: sports clothing and indoor shoes with white soles.