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Sexy Heels

Sexy Heels

Beginners, intermediate

Sexy Heels is a contemporary dance style expressing femininity, sensuality and seduction, all in high heels. It is a mixture of feminine movements based on jazz technique, ballet posture, inspired by burlesque, vogue femme, waacking, with elements of street dance and Latin American dances.

The class starts with warm up and stretching and continues with a short choreography. You will learn how to stand, walk and dance in heels, how to pose as a model, improve your body posture, how to boost your self-confidence, how to express your femininity by body movement, how to look seductive and at the same time feel elegant, but not tacky.

Ginger’s playlist contains the finest selection of pop music, r’n’b, sexy rock’n’roll or vintage cabaret cult songs. She alternates different music genres, because femininity itself has many forms and sometimes we want to feel like a diva Beyoncé, other times like a rock star or rather like a gentle Marilyn Monroe.

Dress code
Please follow the dress code wearing a stretchy outfit and dance heels (we recommend brands Burju shoes or Joheela). Outdoor heels with black soles that leave smudges on the dance floor are not suitable. All genders 15+ are welcome.

The sample of Sexy Heels lesson.