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DANCE PERFECT Studio's artistic ensemble

DOT504 Junior is an artistic ensemble focused on contemporary physical dance theater. It is intended for young dancers aged 10 to 17 years. The aim of the ensemble's activity is to prepare a versatile and technically well-equipped dancer, ready to accept and absorb new influences and trends coming along with the development of contemporary dance.

Members of the DOT504 Junior are talented and motivated children from the age of 10 with the appropriate knowledge of dance techniques corresponding to their age. They are accepted on the basis of recommendation of studio's teachers, or from auditions that usually take place at the beginning and end of each school year. Current dates of auditions are published on the studio's website. Due to the demanding tuition, children with good school grades are preferred.

Tuition is divided into two semesters and respects school holidays. The plan includes three 90-minute lessons of contemporary dance & classical ballet or acrobatics for dancers per week. Please, keep in mind that the whole preparation of the members of the DOT504 Junior is demanding both in terms of time and physical load on pupils as well.

Weekend seminars and workshops - as an integral part of the tuition - will take place approximately 3 times during each school year. They are excluded from the regular course fee and are mandatory for members of the dance group. These seminars and workshops of Czech and foreign teachers are an important addition to the training and complement regular education.

Work on choreographies is another important part of preparation. Every year, the DOT504 Junior dance company creates a full time project in collaboration with professional choreographers, dancers and performers, who usually perform together with the company on stage. DOT504 Junior regularly presents these projects on the stages of leading Czech theaters and festivals. Performing work encourages company members creativity and leads them to certainty in applying the gained experience in practice.

Summer workshop is a weekly, very intensive form of tuition. During the run the dancers learn about working with other teachers, get acquainted with their approach to dance and style of teaching. The intensity of the work in the workshop is comparable to several months' tuition in the current school year, and is therefore a great benefit for each member of the group. This is why the summer workshop is mandatory.

What you should know before joining the DOT504 Junior

The price of the half-yearly preparation is CZK 9,900 (SEP 2023-JAN 2024). This includes three 90-minute lessons a week throughout the semester (September-January, February-June).

Additional costs include fees for weekend seminars and summer workshops (see above). Weekend workshops prices are based on the actual costs of a particular teacher's fee, their travel expenses, their accommodation etc.

The artistic ensemble is part of the Dance Perfect Studio and apart from other courses works solely on a non-profit basis.

Benefits the membership in DOT504 Junior brings

Members of the DOT504 Junior gain high-quality dance skills in the field of contemporary dance. They are involved in the artistic creation of the ensemble, which they enrich with their personal creativity. Collaboration in creative activities helps in a fundamental way to shape their personality, individuality and overall orientation in the contemporary art sphere, especially in the field of contemporary physical dance theatre and various dance and music trends.