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Kočí Kateřina

Kočí Kateřina

Teacher, Dancer

Professional profile

She started to focus on street styles in 2015 at Dance Academy Prague. She is mostly involved in Hip Hop, Lockin', House and Waacking.
Since 2019 she is a dancer in Brownies Company under the direction of Zuzana Akopjan Veselý and Wahe Akopjan.
She regularly improve their skills at various and numerous dance workshops.
Recently, she has been experimenting with the Hip Hop and Contemporary Dance fusion.

As a teacher, she has been helping since the age of 15 with the creation of dance performances at the Ulita Children and Youth House. Here she also trained the junior competition team and also a preparation course for younger dancers.
She also works as a head of children of different ages at summer camps.

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