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Vokounová Monika

Vokounová Monika

Street Styles


She has been dancing since she was 14 years old, when hip hop dance culture in the Czech Republic was still in its infancy. She has tried all dance styles that belong to the basic range of hip hop culture.

Monika primarily focuses on freestyle and has participated in a large number of battles where she has won several awards. She has also been part of large choreographies under the guidance of BDS Academy teachers (Daniel Lipták or Miro Olšovský).

She has been a teacher since 2013. She emphasizes technique and tries to show how dance can be a friend and a therapist. In her classes she offers the basics of hip hop groove, through funk to house dance. You'll hear mostly boom bap songs or funky songs that won't leave you wanting.

She has also received dance training from international teachers who have performed in the projects of Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Missy Ellitott and Mariah Carey. These performers include Henry Link, Buddha Stretch, Marty Kudelka, Babson, Yugson, Caleaf Sellers, Brooklyn Terry, Luam, Dante 7, Gus Bembery, Lando Wilkins and many more.

The achievements she is most proud of:
1st place - Czech Funky Championship in ČSA organization 2005
1st place - Czech Republic hip hop battle solo Beat Street 2008
2nd place - WCR hip hop choreography in CDO organization 2008
1st place - Ladies Battle Night hip hop 2008
2nd place - Ladies Battle Night house dance 2008

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