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Hrubá Štěpánka

Hrubá Štěpánka

Teacher and dancer

Professional profile

Štěpánka started dancing street dance in 2007. She is mostly involved in hip hop and dancehall. In the dance studios she leads several competition and non-competition teams of all ages.

She is a member of the FDS Selection team, with whom she works on various projects (performance: The Culture). They participate in Czech and international dance competitions, such as World of Dance in Switzerland, CDO and TSR, where they defended the title of Czech and European Champions several times (winning the Absolute Winner of TSR, going to NYC).

She started dancing dancehall around 2014 and regularly trains in its roots in Jamaica, attending workshops with leading dancehall dancers, dancehall camps (Skillz Dem Up) and battles (AF Days). In the past she was a member of Dancehall Team Prague led by Veronnie BaddFyah.
She has attended many workshops around the world with dancers and teams, e.g. Kimiko Versatile, Danza Bling, Boysie Roses, Sopreme Blazzaz, Xqlusiv Team, Elite Team, Black Eagles, Overload Skankaz, Cleanstep Skankaz, Active Immortals, Kissy McKoy, Famous, Mara Jackhammer, Flame Team, Hectic Dymondz, Blacka di Danca, Too Kool, Equanoxx Shankaz, 3rd Dimension, Sir Ledgen, etc.

Professional education
Regularly educates at workshops of the world's leading dancers and dance camps, e.g. SDK Europe, Broadway Dance Centre (New York), Baddfyah trip (Jamaica), Everybody Dancehall (Firenze, IT), Skillz Dem Up, Baddish weekend (Bratislava, SK).

Fantasy Dance Studio, Dancehall Team Prague

She leads regular lessons, workshops, guest lectures at summer camps

Dance battles
LBC battle (1st place in 2016), Dance Battle League (final in 2018), DFA, KO Battle, Free.k Out Battle, Urban Culture Games, One Beat battle, Semtex Cup (1st place), T-Bass Cup, Beat Street, Cool Hunters dance battle, etc.

Commercials, shows
Performing at commercial events
Back-up dancer Raega
Performing in many videoclips
Show at SDK Europe 2018.

Instagram: @stefrude

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