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Open-Class lessons


Open-Class Lessons are targeted at clients who do not intend to come regularly to their classes. These lessons do not offer continuity. When skipping one or several lessons, it is possible to attend the class without any difficulties. These classes include Pilates, Total Barre, Zumba, etc.

Saturday open-class dancing lessons, such as Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance and Ballet have their level adjusted according to the level of clients who come to that particular lesson.

It is possible to attend open-class lessons as individual entries or with a prepaid card. The lesson prices differ according to their type and length (60 or 90 minutes). When buying a prepaid card, it is necessary to choose a lesson type, reserve a place (at the reception, by post or email) and to buy the prepaid card before the first lesson. When paying for each lesson separately, you do not have to choose a lesson type. You are merely required to pay for the lesson.

You can buy a prepaid card for:

  • 5 lessons with a 2-month validity starting on issue day
  • 10 lessons with a 3-month validity starting on issue day
  • 20 lessons with a 5-month validity starting of issue day

It is important to remember that lessons which are not attended during the validity of the prepaid card cannot be reimbursed or compensated for.

Please note that buying a prepaid card is much more convenient than paying for each lesson separately.

BODY & MIND Card - 60 minute lesson:
Pilates - Total Barre - Port De Bras - Zumba - Salsaton - Balet (Sat)
Rates: 1 / 5 / 10 / 20 lessons … CZK 300 / 1,400 / 2,600 / 4,800

DANCE Card - 90 minute lesson:
Balet (Thu, Fri, Sat) - Contemporary Dance (Tue, Sat) - Jazz Dance (Mon, Sat)
Rates: 1 / 5 / 10 / 20 lessons … CZK 350 / 1,600 / 2,900 / 5,200,-

Important notice:

Please, keep in mind that lessons not drawn during the pre-paid card validity are not reimbursed or recompensed in any way!

Buying a prepaid card is always a better bargain than a single lesson fee.

Consider, however, whether a prepaid card is really as good as it seems at first glance.

Before purchasing bear in mind other facts like your workload (business trips, overtime, irregular working hours, etc.), your other leisure activities (besides visits to our studio), or other factors (such as your health condition) that may have a significant effect on how much you will be able to use our time-limited prepaid card.

Please, keep in mind, therefore, that if you fail to complete all of the lessons that the prepaid card allows, the studio does not provide any compensation for these missed lessons, nor does it extend the validity of these prepaid cards!

That is why our prepaid card might not always be the best choice for everybody.